Research Resources

This is a selective list of web resources which could be of interest to law librarians pursuing research projects. It includes links to sites relating to research methods, current awareness, law library association publications, and journals and newsletters.

Law Library Associations

CALL is part of a network of associations across the globe supporting legal information specialists. We have assembled a listing of our sister associations and similar associations from all over!

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CALL/ACBD Brand Guide

Our brand is bilingual and multi-jurisdiction. We represent ourselves as CALL/ACBD and not CALL.  The word brand encompasses more than just logos and colours. Brand is a broader term and more diverse. It is the representation of our purpose, pledge and image to both members and internal audiences. It is the total effect created by our looks, communications, people, service and the experiences we create for our members, vendor partners, and others with whom we associate.  

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CALL/ACBD Social Media Policy

The purposes of the CALL/ACBD use of social media are:

  1. The dissemination of official CALL/ACBD communications to members;
  2. The dissemination of official CALL/ACBD communications to non-members in related fields;
  3. To encourage member engagement with CALL/ACBD;
  4. To reach out to, and to engage with external stakeholder audiences, andto extend our relationships with stakeholder groups.

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CALL/ACBD Law Library Reopening Guide

CALL/ACBD has created a document to guide its members relating to law library reopening. This document was created so that CALL/ACBD Members, and the wider community, would have a reopening guide that is law library specific. CALL/ACBD, as an organization that supports legal information specialists in a variety of workplaces, intends this re-opening guide to be a source of information to support decisions about how to safely provide services to law library clients. You will also find links to provincial and federal public health information and some precedent return to work plan documents.

Law Library Reopening Guide

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