Mentorship Program

The CALL Mentorship Program is an initiative intended to connect law library professionals pursuing new professional development with more experienced professionals. The program aims to foster positive relationships between members that will promote growth, leadership, and commitment to the profession.  Mentees can come from any background in legal librarianship or even straight from a library program at the university or college level. There is no maximum number of years in the profession for mentees - if you feel that you would like to grow as a professional in your job or your new tasks, and would benefit from the guidance and support of another professional, then being a mentee could be for you. Similarly, mentors can come from any area of legal librarianship with no set minimum number of years in the profession. As a guideline, however, we suggest five years’ experience. Mentors have the opportunity to help in the professional growth of a colleague and, by extension, strengthen legal librarianship as a profession. Mentors may also find the partnership enables their own professional growth and heightens engagement in the profession and the CALL community.
All partnerships are encouraged to review the contents of this website to help define their relationship. It is important for each pair to develop goals for their mentoring partnership and establish how often they will communicate and by which means.


Applications are currently closed. 

Program Details:

Participation in the program is a one year minimum commitment. The program runs from May to May on an annual basis. All participants must be active members of CALL/ACBD.

Criteria for Mentees
  • Interested in learning more about legal librarianship as a profession, about a particular type of legal librarianship, or a more specific task within legal librarianship;
  • Willing to ask questions and engage in conversation about the profession.
 Criteria for Mentors
  • Recommended five years experience in legal librarianship;
  • An enthusiasm for guiding and supporting others in the profession;
  • A willingness to share experiences and ideas, and to learn from your mentee in turn.

For full details on the expectation, restrictions and Mentorship Program FAQ, please click here.
For an application, please click here.

History of the Mentorship Program

At the 2008 CALL Annual Conference in Saskatoon, the idea of introducing a mentorship program was expressed at the CALL Annual General Meeting, at the Law Library Leadership Institute, and at the Education Committee meeting. Throughout, newer and mid-career librarians indicated an interest in developing their potential through mentorship.

As a result, Beth Millard and Jennifer Walker, of the Education Committee, were charged with the task of exploring the idea of a mentorship program. A new Mentorship Program Sub-Committee of the Education Committee was created and co-chaired by Jennifer Walker and Annette Demers. A proposal was created by Beth, Jennifer and Annette, and it was approved by the CALL Executive at its meeting in November 2008. The Mentorship Program was rolled out on March 1, 2009.

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