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Mai 2015

Remarks from the 2015 Annual General Meeting:

We heard at this conference from Fred Headon about the changing legal profession and from Gary Rodrigues, Robert McKay and Jason Wilson about the changing legal publishing industry. Annette yesterday pointed out we are the “meat” in this sandwich, and we cannot avoid change.

Many of us are already facing challenges with shrinking budgets and shrinking number of positions—in many ways we might say it is a shrinking profession.

We as professionals are most definitely NOT shrinking. Je suis confiante que nous répondrons aux exigences des années à venir.  I have full confidence in the members of CALL/ACBD that we are ready to face the future.

So many of us are expanding our skills, knowledge and experience. Many are transforming our roles and making great leaps in our professional lives.

As you make the great leaps in your career, I ask those of you here today to make us a promise: to remember your friends and colleagues here at CALL/ACBD, to bring back what you are learning and enrich all of our understanding.

Write, teach, share with all of us.

During difficult times there is opportunity. Our organizations are working to find their way during this time of great change. We can take this opportunity to become leaders in Canadian law.  Je suis convaincue que vous, les membres de CALL/ACBD, êtes prêts à envisager les défis que nous réserve le futur.

This is going to take pulling together, working in collaboration and coordination with one another. Je me réjouis à la perspective de travailler avec vous tous. We can do this!

Thank you.

Connie Crosby
President, CALL/ACBD

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