CALL/ACBD offers about seven webinars per year. Topics and speakers will address issues in the specific context of law libraries. Audio and visual recordings will be available to registered participants after each event so if you are registered, but cannot make it for the live session, you can listen and watch the recording any time.  Improve your value to your employer and engage in learning throughout the year with colleagues from law libraries across the country!

Registration Fees:

CALL/ACBD Member = Free 

Non-Member = $50.00 + applicable taxes 

Non-Member Student Rate = $15.00 + applicable taxes 

Please note: Webinars are non-refundable after purchase. 

Webinar Archives:


July 26, 2023 VLC Webinar
Annette Demers
April 20, 2023 Pronoun 101: An introduction to gender diversity in the workplace
Kawmadie Karunanaya
March 1, 2023 The Decolonization/Indigenization of Cataloguing Practices
Kaia MacLeod, Annie Wolfe


December 8, 2022 
Global Legal Research: Lyo’s Guide to the Best Resources for Helping Users Who Are Embarking on Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Research Quest
Lyonette Louis-Jacques  
October 20, 2022 Preservation, Discovery, and Accessibility: A Toolkit Rebecca Bearden, AJ Blechner, Jocelyn Kennedy, Mindy Kent, Elisabeth Umpleby, David Walker, Caroline Walters
June 28, 2022 Law and Disability in Canada: An overview of law and disability issues in Canada
David Ireland, Dr. Richard Jochelson, Freya Kodar, Laverne Jacobs
March 9, 2022                      Meaning Making: Student Action and Indigenous Legal Education
Dr. John Borrows                           


October 14, 2021
Savvy Negotiation Skills: A Toolkit for Law Librarians Annette Demers
August 23, 2021 The Skin as Seen: Thinking Through Racial Justice with Levinas Dr. Lana Parker
July 9, 2021 Inclusive Language
Grant Yocom 
January 28, 2021                      Prison Law: Researching Health and Legal Implications of Aging Prison Populations  
Dr. Adelina Iftene                                


November 10, 2020    Communicating the Law in Plain Language        Kandice Ardiel                           


 October 30, 2019  Gamification   Dr. David Michels, Hannah Steeves
September 25, 2019  Effective Budgeting for Libraries  Lori Ann Oja
May 8, 2019      Presidents’ Roundtable Continued: Law Librarian of the Future      Annette Demers, Ann Marie Melvie, Cyndi Murphy
April 3, 2019                              The Changing Business of Law, and What It Means For Law Libraries John Wu                                   
February 27, 2019 Pre-Crime Dr. Richard Jochelson


November 22, 2018 SWOTing Business Development Opportunities                           Katie Cuyler
October 24, 2018 Legal Project Management   Steven B. Levy  
April 19, 2018   
Digital Repository Success  Stories      Mariya Maistrovskaya, F. Tim Knight, Kim Nayyer  
March 15, 2018  US Executive Branch Research for the Canadian Legal Researcher  Penny A. Hazelton
February 8, 2018                      Intersections with Aboriginal and Indigenous Law Naiomi Metallic                               


October 26, 2017  Platforms, Apps and Omnibots - Alternate Views on the Future of Legal Colin Lachance 
September 13, 2017 The Conversation Continues: Copyright in Context for CALL Members 
Panel: Amanda Wakaruk, Kim Nayyer, Lesley Ellen Harris
June 22, 2017 US Courts for the Canadian Legal Researcher (Part Two) Penny A. Hazelton
April 5, 2017
Uncovering UN Treaties   Susan Goard    
March 2, 2017 US Legislation for Canadian Legal Researchers (Part One) Professor Penny A.Hazleton
Jan 31, 2017 Libraries and Access to Justice Johanne Blenkin, Sarah McCoubrey

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Advanced Legal Research Videos

Annette Demers is the head of the Law Library at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. She teaches Advanced Legal Research within the Faculty. This collection of videos is used by Annette for the purpose of her course, and accordingly, some reference to local contexts and law student requirements may appear within these videos. These videos make non-preferential reference to commercially-available products and services.   The content is the sole responsibility of Annette Demers, and feedback or errors may be reported to ademers@uwindsor.ca.

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries has been authorized to make these videos available to all CALL members for a fee. These videos are made available for private study only, and permission is not extended for CALL members to re-use in any context. Use in any commercial capacity is strictly forbidden. Questions related to the videos to enhance learning are available upon request by email to ademers@uwindsor.ca. CALL members who wish to obtain sample teaching materials, are encouraged to visit the LRW Special Interest Section Instructional Resources Bank here.  


  1. Introductory Videos (3 videos)
  2. Federal Legislative Research (3 videos)
  3. Federal Annual Statutes (2 videos)
  4. Amendments, Consolidations and Revisions of Federal Statutes (3 videos)
  5. The Operation of Time in Legal Matters (2 videos)
  6. Federal Regulations (3 videos)
  7. Judicial Decisions (12 videos)
  8. Ontario Legislative Research (1 video)
  9. Ontario Annual Statutes (2 videos)
  10. Amendments, Consolidations and Revisions of Ontario Statutes (3 videos)
  11. Ontario Regulations (3 videos)
  12. Secondary Sources (1 video)

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To purchase access to these videos, please click on the "Advanced Legal Research Videos" link below or email office@callacbd.ca.
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